The AEG impact wrench sale is the universal specification for a wrench that can perform various tightening jobs. Using this tool will help to increase your performance and efficiency at work. It has been designed to provide the best value and performance while providing the right balance of safety and portability. These units are a vital part of many professions due to the increase in torque they offer during usage.

AEG (All-purpose Electric Gun) Impact Wrench. This model features a fusion brushless motor, which is the most important feature in precision tightening. Because there is no need to reverse the bolt to tighten constantly, the AEG wrench makes it possible for you to do more jobs with less effort and get more done in less time. Because of its superior design, AEG impact wrench sale can run much cooler, making it ideal for use in any setting. You can use it anywhere to make sure that your job gets done right the first time.

aeg-impact-wrench-saleAEG Intact wrench sets a new standard of quality with its dual option belt hook. This model features a heavy-duty 6.0ah force battery and a matching torque knob. The AEG dual option belt hook features a ratchet and a compression wrench with a safety lock to keep your family safe. The heavy-duty battery allows long-lasting runs and makes it possible to handle tougher jobs around the home. The AEG Intact twin motion wrench also features electronic speed control for added convenience, making it easier to operate.

The AEG High-Torque Impact wrench is a high-performance power tool that is fully loaded with features designed to increase productivity, minimize time wasted during operation and increase safety. Features include twin motion and a high-speed, high-torque impact wrench with a six-position locking range that allows users to choose from one of three compression styles. A high-torque and precision locking mechanism provide users with an outstanding level of power and longevity, making it a perfect match for high-volume professional shops. The high-torque feature provides more torque than the other models, which results in a faster tightening process and a safe, reliable product.

For ultimate performance, the AEG impact wrench sale comes complete with a heavy-duty high-torque cranking mechanism. The crankshaft is made of high-carbon steel and is designed for maximum strength and durability while providing optimal power and control for even the most demanding construction jobs. A high-torque high-speed chuck crankshaft assembly is also included to extend this impact wrench’s life further and increase its quality and effectiveness at work. A heavy-duty 18v fusion engine and heavy-duty electric motor cradle provide the necessary power for endless hours of precision tightening.

AEG also offers an optional engine mount option that offers users optimal power and performance. A ring gear and high-tension wireframe to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting life. The Company’s unique High-Torque Engine backs the overall efficiency and power of AEG’s torque wrench and its crankshaft. A heavy-duty, universal engine mounting system that uses patented friction ring gear components and a high-tension bushing system provide users with endless tooling options.