Today’s production techniques have afforded many different varieties of Lo-And-Co-Interiors brass handles for essential cutting purposes. From antique bronze to brushed nickel and even chrome-plated brass, there’s a handle style to suit your needs. Whether you need a keychain brass switch or a knife brass handle, there’s a style that will meet your requirements. Some examples of popular brass key cutting handles include:


The most commonly seen form of Lo-And-Co-Interiors brass handles these days are either nickel-plated or nickel-bronze. Nickel-bronze handles tend to be more reliable and sturdy than their nickel-plated counterparts. Good quality nickel is usually plated onto brass for extra durability. Nickel-bronze also has good physical properties, and it’s robust, durable and very resistant to oxidation.


Wrought iron and brass are also used for hardware products and kitchen accessories. They’re ideal for drawer pulls, bottle pulls, kitchen towel holders, kitchen faucet pulls and so on. This brass and iron-based furniture handles often come in traditional round or oval shapes and can be polished to give them a textured look. Cleaning them is easy as they usually come with brass pads to wipe off the dirt, and polished brass can be honed to a mirror-like sheen.


Knob and pull handles of brass are suitable for use with many applications. From keychains to knife handles, soap dishes to kitchen towels, Lo-And-Co-Interiors brass handles can be used for many different things. They’re a cheap and popular alternative to nickel knobs and pulls because of their durability and general non-corrosive property. You can clean them very easily just by wiping off the dirt and dust.


You would need new brass handles for your kitchen hardware because they are generally more expensive than other types of handles for the same purpose. The main reason you will see that they are more expensive is that they are generally more challenging to make. It takes a professional artisan to achieve these handles, and it’s only the best quality metals that you will be able to find in a craftsman’s shop. The cheaper pieces you can buy may look similar to the original. Still, they will not be nearly as good quality, and the original pieces are generally sold as collectibles, making it harder to find their price tag.


For those who are on a budget, there are still options available. You can buy unfinished drawer pulls and cabinet handles at garage sales and flea markets. Do not buy brass knobs and tears if you are not going to finish them correctly since you will be spending a lot of money in the process. Make sure to check the work of the person who is selling the piece by giving them a call and asking questions about how the music came to be and the processes used to complete it.