What happens when you fail your learners test? Whether it’s your first attempt or your tenth, the feeling of failing a WA learners test is just the same. It’s frustrating and disappointing, especially if you’ve done all the necessary preparations. But don’t lose hope. While you will need to wait for many months before retaking the test again (at least in WA), there are no limitations on how often learners can take this important exam. If you have failed learners tests before, we have some expert advice that will help you get out of your slump and finally pass this important exam!

Retake the Exam

The first piece of advice is to retake the learners test as soon as possible. With WA learners tests, you will need to wait for six months before retaking it again (unless you failed because of a medical condition). But don’t forget that there are no limits on how often learners can take this exam! Many aspiring drivers get discouraged after failing their test a couple of times – some even stop trying after failing on the first try!


Failing a test is normal. What’s not is stopping just because you failed. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. You only need to pass the test once. So don’t stop. Keep trying until you finally pass the test.


Study and Take Practice Tests

You might claim that you’ve done enough practice, but you still keep failing. The only probable reason for that is that your routine may be wrong, or your preparation may not be enough. So don’t discourage yourself just because you think that you’ve made enough preparation. Instead, look for ways to make adjustments to hit the flaws that you’ve been getting wrong during your tests and finally correct them.


Practice tests are your best friend in preparing for a learners test. Practice, practice, and more practice can go a long way – especially if you’re used to the exam conditions of sitting in front of a computer-scored paper-based learners test at the testing centre. If that’s not what it feels like when you sit for a learners test, practice.


Practice for learners tests involves a lot more than just practising on the answers to questions – that’s only one piece of it! It also includes learning new words before your learners test day and testing yourself with different types of question formats or even timing if you have less time during the day of your learners test.


Learn from Your Mistakes

Finally, the best way to improve your chances of passing your WA learners test is to identify your mistakes and learn from them. If you failed learners tests before, it’s important to note which type of questions tripped you up so you won’t make the same mistake again. Focus more on the areas where you are weak so that you won’t have any problems when you reencounter them during your test retake.


By following our expert advice, you’ll have a better chance of passing your learners test. Remember to not dwell on the past. If you failed your recent learners test, don’t dwell on it too much and move on to the next one. Keep your head up and keep trying until you finally pass the learners permit test.