Gutter mesh is an easy method of protecting gutters from debris that can clog them. Most often, the gutter mesh is chosen for its cost-effectiveness because it is relatively inexpensive. The gutter mesh consists of placing a small screening screen over the gutter. The items too big to get out of the gutter are outside; anything smaller than that can easily pass through the gutter and the downspout. A screen system will help keep all of these items from entering your gutter.

gutter meshThere are two types of gutter mesh available on the market: woven wire mesh, also called screen mesh, and solid wire mesh. Each type has its advantages. For instance, woven wire mesh is made of recycled materials, so it is entirely natural and safe. Also, woven wire mesh requires no flashing to prevent water from getting inside. If your gutter is concrete, then the wire mesh can be installed directly into the ground; the only drawback to this type is that it is permanently attached to the ground.

In addition to the above benefits, woven wire mesh has the advantage of filtering out more debris. As mentioned above, it prevents debris from entering your gutter system. However, it can also help screen out leaves and other smaller debris that may clog your gutters. Another advantage of this mesh type is that it allows you to have a smooth, clean look to your gutters which is unattainable if you have a solid gutter mesh. With solid mesh, the debris clogs up and makes it look dirty and unkempt.

Another type of gutter guard that you might consider is metal gutter guards. This type of gutter mesh guard has two rows of mesh that run parallel to each other. The guard has hooks on both sides of these rows, which can fit over most types of headings on your home’s roof. When closed, the hooks will catch falling leaves and branches and prevent them from hitting your roof.

Mesh that has a seamless design allows for ease of cleaning. Because the mesh does not have sharp edges, it is impossible to cut through seamless gutters for cleaning. Also, the mesh can easily be washed and reused in places where it will never be used, such as the attic. These gutters are relatively inexpensive compared to vinyl and seamless guards, but they are not as strong as solid mesh.

Some gutter guards will come with a mesh screen that can be removed for cleaning. This screen is made of a rubberized material that can easily be cleaned using a garden hose. You can use a rotary tool to clean the screen and make it look like brand-new looking gutters once again. It is also an option for homes where stagnant water cannot easily be removed from the gutter.

Clogged gutters can lead to a costly plumbing repair bill if they are not solved promptly. Clogged gutters can also pose a hazard when it comes to the safety of your family. Small pieces of debris can get stuck in the slots and holes of a clogged gutter and become a potential choking hazard. It can also be a real pain to manoeuvre gutter guards and clean them. If you are forced to remove and install gutter guards on your own, there is no telling how much time and money it will take to get them installed correctly

Not all gutter mesh systems come with a rainproof guarantee. There are many different types of rain protection features for gutter mesh systems. A simple check of the guarantee should tell you if it’s rainproof or not. For example, if you have a wooden deck, make sure it withstand heavy storms and still stay standing. If you plan to install the gutter mesh system yourself, make sure you check and double-check your installation every month or so to ensure you haven’t missed any spots.