Learning to drive is a huge commitment. Thats why you need to take every precautionary measure when it comes to taking driving lessons Perth. Making the right preparation will be crucial as it will maximize your level of learning. 

Of all the things you need to do to prepare for your driving lessons, asking questions is on top of the list. When choosing a driving school for driving lessons, asking questions will make sure you find the right institution to help you get your license and become a driver.

To help you out, we came up with four questions that you need to ask before taking driving lessons:

How comprehensive is your schools curriculum?

The structure of learning that a driving school offers will be crucial towards your learning to drive. Essentially, the driving school you choose should have a comprehensive learning programme. Check if youll be given manuals and textbooks after enrolling. See if the instructor has a lesson plan in place. You can even ask if there are any methods for you to track your progression. All of these things will be relevant to your driving lessons.

Are the lessons one-on-one?

driving-lessons-perthIts very crucial to check for this one. There are so many cases where a student gets into an instructors car only to find another student sitting in the backseat. The reason why some driving schools do this is to save money. However, its not doing you any favours, especially when it comes to your learning and confidence.

One-on-one is the best way to learn how to drive. So make sure the driving school you choose offers this option by asking them straight away.

Do you hold any accreditation?

Before you take driving lessons Perth from your driving lessons, make sure that he and the school hold the following accreditation.

  • Certificate IV Road Transport and Logistics (Car – Driving Instruction)
  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance that covers learner drivers
  • Current Driving Instructors license
  • Current Working With Children Check (WWCC)
  • Public liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

What car will I learn in?

Finally, make sure you ask for the type of cars that the driving school has. Make sure you check for the age, size, and safety feature of their learning vehicles. The ideal car for driving lessons shouldnt be more than four years old. It should also be small to medium-sized. These qualities will make sure that the learning environment you experience has up-to-date technology and is easy to park.

Safety is an important aspect when youre learning to drive. Thats why the car you use should have all the safety features necessary. Here are some safety features that you should check:

  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Convex rearview mirror
  • Seatbelts
  • Stability control systems
  • Vehicle overspeed device

These are only a sample size of the queries you need to ask before taking driving lessons. However, these are the core set of questions that will help you find the right driving school.