Colour printing is the reproduction of any desired text or image in a desirable colour. Any photograph or natural scene can be physically and optically dissected to produce three primary shades: red, blue and green. These three shades can be combined using techniques called grayscale, sepia, or colour mixing. Modern printer cartridges are equipped with tools that enable the user to connect these primary shades in desirable ways.

The advantages of a colour printer are not limited to mere reproduction of text and images. In the twenty-first century, colour printers in Adelaide were extensively used for graphic arts production, especially for advertisements. Such printer cartridges have a relatively short life span. However, colour printers can still be used satisfactorily for simple photo reproduction of still pictures or simple black and white photographs. A simple colour printer cartridge is enough if you want to reproduce just a few black and white images.

colour-printers-in-adelaideOne of the disadvantages of using inkjet colour printers is their relatively high printing costs. A single inkjet colour printer cartridge can cost you more than a single coated cartridge used by an inkjet printer. This fact has considerably reduced the use of colour printers by the home users. The use of colour inkjet printers is also limited to office setups as there are no colour ink cartridges available for them. The colour laser printers have entirely changed the scenario, and there are now inkjet colour printers in Adelaide available for home use.

Inkjet colour printers use inkjet cartridges filled with colour ink. They are capable of printing coloured images and text. They are economical in comparison to the colour laser printers. However, they have a shorter life span than the colour lasers. The toner level of inkjet printers often gets low after printing a lot of pages.

Another major disadvantage of colour printers in Adelaide is their slow speed. They have a paper drum that holds a laser beam. A light beam is emitted from this drum that glows in the drum areas that are printed. The areas that need to be printed have to be warmed up so that the drum can emit the light. To fill the area, the colour printer uses a toner supply, which has to be repeatedly fired.

The main advantage of the monochrome laser printers is that they have a long printer life. They can print thousands of pages per cartridge. They are also relatively compact. However, they have a lower ink supply compared to the colour laser printers. The colour laser printers retain all the ink used in the printing process, irrespective of whether there are any reprints.