Brushed Stainless Steel Door Handles are just one of the prettiest decorative door knob designs in the entire world. In addition to the beauty of brushed steel, these door knobs add a timeless touch to any home. Virtually every stainless steel or bronze door knob and antique brass door knob on the market today comes with the classic formal versions of a modern lock, handle and even a bathroom door lock handle. Try brushed nickel or even brushed bronze for a more modern look, although the latter should only be attempted on models that came installed originally.


Brushed nickel is an excellent-looking finish for LoAndCoInteriors brushed brass door handles. Still, because it is usually available only in the nickel finish – you may have difficulty finding someone who will fit it into a modernized home. If you’re handy with a soldering iron, however, it should be a snap to assemble. And because bronze handles are very durable and often are made to last throughout a lifetime of use, it’s worth doing this type of handle replacement for antique bronze models only. In addition, there are many beautiful finishes to choose from, and it can be fun to mix and match.


Because LoAndCoInteriors brushed brass door handles often come with a brass lockset, you also have the opportunity to upgrade your lock mechanism too. The brushed bronze design of these handles is very traditional and matches perfectly with more traditional-looking home interior designs. This is also a good choice if you do many restoration works or have many antiques collecting dust somewhere in your home. Brushed nickel also goes well with stainless steel and aluminium doors. Some manufacturers even offer coordinated sets of brushed nickel and polished brass to create brushed bronze.


With brushed brass door handles, the appearance of dust is significantly reduced compared to other types of materials. For instance, using oil-rubbed bronze as a door handle can result in dusty fingers after a few hours. You don’t have that problem with brushed brass, which is much less likely to result in fingerprints than oil-rubbed bronze. In addition, brushed brass is so durable that you’ll be able to leave it in place for years, with hardly any visible signs of wear after regular usage.


Another benefit of LoAndCoInteriors brushed brass door handles is their timeless appeal. These handles look great in any home and can add a bit of elegance to your kitchen, especially if they match the colour of your cabinets. A brushed brass door handle might add a bit of character to the look of your antique China collection as well. You can find handles in polished brass, but polished brass will look a lot classier in a home environment. Polished handles look more modern and provide a touch of sophistication for kitchens and dining rooms. Of course, brushed brass doesn’t have quite the same look in an older home.