In this article, we’re going to review the Honeywell CO48PM – our choice for the best evaporative air conditioner for 2020. Honeywell, the manufacturer of this amazing evaporative air conditioner, was ranked 73rd overall in the Fortune 500. The company employs around 130,000 workers, with a significant portion of them located in Australia. If you’re interested in this air conditioner, click here and check out it’s the official product page.


Introducing the Honeywell CO48PM!

The Honeywell CO48PM is a commercial portable evaporative air cooler that’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This evaporative air conditioner uses ice to lower air temperature. You can either use it indoors by plugging it inside, or fill it with ice and use it outdoors. The latter option can cool about 600 square feet. So, if you want a versatile and reliable air conditioning unit at an extremely affordable price, the Honeywell CO48PM evaporative cooler is the one for you.


Excellent Swamp Cooler for Dry Climates

As mentioned earlier, the Honeywell CO48PM is specifically designed to cool rooms that measure at about 600 square feet. It can also cool the temperatures outdoors. This air conditioner features a versatile design that lets it work unattended and unhindered for several hours. You can connect the air cooler to a water supply to keep it filled with ice when you’re using it outdoors. It also features overflow protection that catches any excess water as the ice starts to melt.


Power and Performance

As our choice for the best evaporative air conditioner, the Honeywell CO48PM packs quite the punch. It has a three-speed fan with 14-inch blades. The unit also has cooling media on all three sides, allowing it to cool temperatures in any place quickly and evenly – even in stuffy rooms! As said earlier, this type of air conditioner works best in dry climates since it filters and adds moisture to the air.


Since the Honeywell CO48PM doesn’t use a compressor system, it uses minimal electricity. That means using it all the time won’t skyrocket your electricity bill. At the same time, relying on an evaporative system also keeps the unit’s weight down – it weighs less than 30 pounds and measures at around 14.7 x 24.3 x 34 inches.


Overall, the Honeywell CO48PM evaporative cooler deserves its title as the best evaporative air conditioner for 2020. It has all the features and perks that make you want to own one right now. So if you’re interested in buying one, click here and check out its official product page.