The 5 + silage wrap is designed specifically to provide you with the very best value for money spent on your baling twine. The 5 + is specifically designed to provide you with operator friendly, lightweight pigment with a thick consistency. The proper amount of tint is also specially designed to reflect and shield off UV rays whilst at the same time having the right level of opacity to indicate sufficient coverage. The result is an outstanding quality reflective paint that can be used to help you make the most of any space.

The high UV protection ensures that your entire space remains dry and safe and this, in turn, allows you to enjoy long summer days without having to worry about the effects of the sun’s damaging rays. Each square bale is covered by a custom woven cover manufactured using a high-quality cotton and poly blend. They are all individually wrapped around each other to ensure that they remain secure and do not fall off. However, if the cover doesn’t cover the entire square for any reason, then the elastic edge of each bale is enough to stretch out the cover to achieve the appropriate size easily. This allows you to enjoy the cover while at the same time benefiting from the durability and ease of use provided by this award-winning twine.

While the high UV protection provided is exceptional, the material used enables the silage wrap to stay cool to the touch compared to standard bales, which will tend to get warm due to the heat. This allows you to enjoy the benefit of both comfort and convenience whilst ensuring you leave the area you are working in dry and warm. Because the materials are high-grade cotton and polyester, you can rest assured that these products will stand up to any weather and withstand extremely low temperatures and high humidity levels. Because they are completely sealed to protect the contents from dust, dirt and debris, you will not need to clean these bales regularly. Instead, you can dispose of them when the need arises.

Most people will agree that one of the main benefits of these plastic containers is the amount of time and effort it saves them compared with their traditional counterparts. Whereas bales and rolls require you to open and close the lid regularly, the silage wrap will open quickly and securely with a push of a button. As well as this, because the plastic is completely sealed, you do not have to worry about insects finding their way into your supplies. Unlike rolls and bales, which have the possibility of being infested with rodents, such as mice, which may contaminate your supplies, the baling twine has no possibility of being contaminated.

There are several additional benefits to using these silage wraps in your outdoor storage systems. The most obvious is the superior strength and durability that they provide. You will find nothing effective at stopping moisture from reaching the stored contents as the baling twine. They are also highly durable, which means that you do not have to worry about them being exposed to the elements. This means that your silage or other agricultural products will continue to remain at the optimum nutritional levels they are supposed to be in, ensuring that they can bring you maximum value.